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Joint Ventures: Title Company Ownership for Real Estate Brokers and Lenders

Own Your Own Title Company

If you’re the owner of a high-volume real estate brokerage or mortgage company interested in owning a joint venture title company, Express Title Services, LLC is the right place. Our unmatched title company platform yields astonishing results. Our experts are knowledgeable in the industry and have decades of experience. If you’re looking to increase revenue and capture title profits on your company’s transactions, let’s talk.

What Is a Title Company Joint Venture?

A title company joint venture occurs when two parties come together to form a title company. In real estate, joint ventures are typically formed between title professionals, real estate brokers, or mortgage lenders.

Joint ventures benefit both parties by increasing the number of clients that one or both firms can represent, expanding their market share, increasing profits, and improving their reputation.

Benefits of Our Joint Venture Platform

We build joint venture relationships with partners looking to:

How Does a Title Company Joint Venture Work?

For years, top real estate brokers and mortgage lenders have had a difficult time owning a title company – until now. Our Joint Venture program offers real estate professionals the opportunity to partner with a compliant, scaleable, and ready-to-go title company managed and operated by experts in the industry.

This means that instead of having to send your business away to an ordinary title company near you, you can become partners and enjoy profits in a turn-key title company ready to hit the ground running.

Who Can Form a Joint Venture Partnership?

Before joining a joint venture, there are many considerations, particularly in heavily regulated industries. One of the most important considerations is ensuring the business is compliant by meeting the requirements of an Affiliated Business Arrangement (ABA) under RESPA 8(c)(4).

Why Partner With Express Title Services

A joint venture poses many benefits for real estate professionals who are already established and are looking for ways to improve their profits. Our industry professionals have a proven track record of title company success.  We know how to form, staff, and manage a successful title company and we’re here to replicate that for you while utilizing the latest technology, including our digital closing platform.  

Close More Deals

Tap into the power of technology and improve the entire title processing experience with 24/7 access to our online platform.

Escalate Your Growth

Our business consultants and closing experts become an extended part of your team to help you escalate your business and reach more customers.

Access the latest High-Tech Platform

Our technology suite and consulting experts have you covered with in-house technology that keeps your team at the forefront of innovation.

Increase Your Profits

We offer the best expertise and the most competitive closing costs in the market to help you reap significant profits and scale your business.

Your New Title Solution Partner

Having the right partner to grow your business with matters. Express Title Services, LLC, is the ultimate partner to help you take your real estate and title business to the next level.  

Streamlined Services

Reduce Stress with automated task lists and easy access to your closing and communication with us. Review documents, track progress, and communicate through our secure closing platform, no matter where you are.

Expedited Closings

Stay informed at every closing stage with automatic updates and in-app communication. We offer 100% online closings at the most competitive closing costs.

Unmatched Security

Manage your transactions and documents with our comprehensive platform integrations. Store and manage your essential transaction documents and personal information in one secure portal.

Specialized Consultants

A real estate attorney oversees every transaction. We will place a trained consultant in your office as a hands-on title tech expert.

Interested In Joint Ventures?

Learn more about Express Title Services, LLC, and how we can help your business through strategic joint ventures. Our services include: