In Miami-Dade and Broward County real estate transactions, the buyer usually chooses the title company and pays for the title insurance. Still, as the seller, the quality of the title company will have a great impact on how smooth the closing goes or sometimes whether it happens at all, which is one reason you still need us.

As the seller, you will need to have documents prepared for you, such as a deed.  The buyer’s chosen title company will charge you for this service, but why pay a company that the buyer chose and is only looking out for the buyer’s interests?

In lieu of paying the buyer’s title company, we can prepare your seller’s documents while only looking out for your interests.  For example, the closing statement is the document that allocates closing costs amongst the buyer and seller according to the real estate contract.  We’ll review the closing statement, which the buyer’s title company prepares, to ensure you aren’t being charged for anything you shouldn’t and are being paid your full net proceeds.

Finally, if something unexpected should arise, rest assured that our legal professionals will be on top of it.

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