Express Title Services

Realtors & Lenders

Realtors & Lenders

We understand exactly how hard you work to put a deal together. We know our performance directly impacts the customer’s overall experience. This, in turn, weighs heavily on a customer’s decision to use the realtor or lender again in the future. The outstanding closing experience we create for our clients reflects well on you, and drives repeat business. Simply put, we make you look good.

In addition to the phenomenal experience the client receives, our legal team has the expertise to keep deals together where they may fall apart elsewhere. Our experience in, among other things, contract enforcement and resolving legal title issues, gives you the best chance of your deal closing when issues arise. To learn more click here.

You will have the cell phone number of an experienced real estate attorney, standing by ready to answer any questions you may have as you work your deals.

We don’t just offer our assistance on the deals that we are doing title insurance and closing for you, we help when you need us. Whether its answering questions on a deal you couldn’t refer our way or providing training seminars to your office (Click here to learn more), we know what it takes for you to be successful and are entirely focused on helping you exceed your goals.

Most of the top real estate agents in South Florida are proud to call us their loyal business partners. See what others are saying here.

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